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Introduce the Mommy Care Kit to your patients and start reaping the benefits of our program – and the best part? It's absolutely free to join!

Please Note: Mommies and expectant Moms should not apply to be a partner, instead use the form here.

Who We Help

At The Mommy Care Kit, our heartfelt mission is to embrace and uplift expecting and new mothers on their remarkable journey through pregnancy and beyond by fostering strong connections with potential partners, and healthcare professionals. We are devoted to providing comprehensive, FDA-approved care kits, meticulously curated to cater to the physical and emotional needs that arise during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Our collaborative approach involves partnering with a wide range of professionals, including:








Ultrasound Techs



These partnerships enable us to gain valuable insights and expertise in the field of maternal health, ensuring that our care kits are designed with the highest level of care, attention to detail, and empathy.

By partnering with us, you can elevate your maternal health offerings, enhance the lives of expecting mothers in your network, and contribute to a more comprehensive and supportive pregnancy care ecosystem. 

How does It work?

Joining our partnership program is a simple, rewarding process that can enhance your practice and offer exceptional support to your patients. We’ve outlined the perks and benefits of partnering with The Mommy Care Kit brand below:

Step 1

Fill out the simple form here:

Step 2

You’ll be provided with a unique link so the mommies can submit their applications from either their phone or a tablet. It takes about two minutes to complete.

Step 3

We verify with their insurance to see if they have DME (durable medical equipment)  coverage.

Step 4

Within 5-10 business days, we will notify them via email and/or text whether their insurance covers it. Your company does not need to accept insurance for this process.

Step 5

Get paid. We offer $20 commission for each Patient Data Packet we receive (whether their insurance qualifies or not.) It’s that easy!

Patient Registration: Our partnership program aims to make the process smooth and efficient. Register 20 patients to receive your resource kit. Remember, patients don’t need to be approved; they simply have to be submitted for registration.

Our partnership program is a great opportunity to expand your offerings and provide a valuable service to your patients. By joining forces with The Mommy Care Kit brand, you’ll be able to create a lasting impact on the lives of expecting and new mothers. Embrace this unique chance to enhance your practice and create a supportive, nurturing environment for your patients.

Ready to start your partnership with us?

The Mommy Care Kit is a trusted partner of expecting and new mothers worldwide. We carefully curate our products to ensure they provide unparalleled benefits, making us the preferred choice for pregnancy care.

Who We Help

No. Insurance does not need to be accepted to be a part of The Mommy Care Partner Program.

Payments are sent via direct deposit through ADP. They are paid bi-monthly on the 10th and 25th of every month.

Absolutely.  Almost all partners participate in The Mommy Care Kit Partner Program in addition to other jobs.

Right now we do not accept it. We hope to accept Medicaid in the near future.

No. Patients are simply asked to see if they qualify by completing the data packet in your custom link.

If approved, the client has full discretion about whether they would like to proceed.

Yes! We always offer referral compensation. For more details, please call (888) 464- 9015.